In 20 years of activities, AUDISA is proud to have been faithful to its mission: “to work within strictly ethical standards”. Today we are the result of this experience and professionalism, maintaining our reputation for competence, credibility and independence, achieved over our trajectory.

Our biggest differential is the Field Work, when we carry out the punctual analysis of the Entity's day-to-day, and in an easy to understand language, we provide the necessary data for management, so that the institution can gather elements indispensable to fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Justice, CNAS, SRFB, Municipal Councils, Ministries of Education, Social Development and Health. We are also authorized by the CVM to perform the activity of Independent Auditing within the Securities Market.



Provide audit services for third sector organizations and social responsibility actions, with specialized technical knowledge, certifying operations and information, aiming at greater security and credibility, thus contributing to the development of ethical and transparent practices for a society more dignified.



Maintain the technical reference for the provision of audit services in the third sector and actions in social responsibility, achieve international certification and expand operations in Brazil and Latin America, being desired by organizations, companies and professionals.



1. Respect and Trust

2. Personality

3. Ethical stance

4. Compliance with rules and laws

5. Technical independence

6. Commitment and professionalism

7. Training and professional training

8. Agility.



Accountant-Auditor, Lawyer, Specialist in Third Sector Organizations, Postgraduate in Educational Law and Postgraduate in Tax Procedural Law. He acts as a founding partner of AUDISA CONSULTORES E AUDITORES ASSOCIADOS, a partner at ADVOCACIA SERGIO MONELLO, Editor and columnist of the Philanthropy Magazine, Professor of Law and Accounting in the Third Sector in Higher Education Institutions, Consultant for Numerous National and International Organizations and has over 25 years of service and assistance to Third Sector entities, especially Religious, Charitable and Assistance entities throughout Brazil.


One of Audisa's partners, Alexandre is an Audit Professional, with more than 19 years' experience in Third Sector Entities, Bachelor of Accounting Sciences (PUC - SP), Finance Specialist (FGV-SP), Postgraduate in Management of Organizations do Terceiro Setor (Mackenzie -SP), Member of the audit committee of IBRACON - Institute of Independent Auditors of Brazil and Speaker of Courses, Seminars and Congresses at the Union of Accountants of SP



Audit Professional, with more than 25 years' experience in Third Sector Entities, Member of the Audit collegiate of IBRACON, AUDIBRA, IIA and the Third Sector Studies Commission and CRC / RS Social Responsibility Commission. Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Postgraduate in Management of Third Sector Organizations, Postgraduate in Auditing and Expertise and Speaker of Courses, Seminars and Congresses of the Union of Accountants of SP and RGS, Federation of Santas Casas and Philanthropic Hospitals of RGS and RJ, Regional Accounting Council of RGS and among others.


Specialist consultant in Financial and Strategic Management in Schools, Audit Professional with more than 20 years' experience in Third Sector Entities, Licensed Auditor of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, since October 2000, Member of the IBRACON Audit Committee, Coordinator General Administrative Administrative at Faculdade Damas de Recife, Post Graduate in Financial Administration (UPE - FCAP) and Lecturer in several seminars in Brazil.



Administrator, consultancy professional specialized in the Third Sector, working for over 12 years in the area. In addition, he is a Speaker at specialized events in the Third Sector.


Audit Partner at AUDISA Auditores Associados, Mateus has a degree in Accounting and an MBA in Auditing.


Partner - Audit Director at Audisa Auditores Associados, Geraldo has a degree in Accounting and an MBA in Auditing.